Preparing a Healthy Breakfast Burrito


Breakfast burritos belong to the best-selling food in the fast food industry in the mornings. It is high in protein, flavorful as well as convenient for driving, walking and eating. You can always make one for yourself since it is quite a simple process which can produce highly portable and excellent results.

To begin, you have to spend around half an hour to make one batch of healthy burritos from First, you should make scrambled eggs (1 egg each burrito), add the ingredients of your choice and roll them up inside a tortilla. Below are several combinations that you might enjoy: cheese, potato and sausage or maybe potato, bell pepper and ham, or cheese, green chili and bacon. It is really up to you based on your preferences. Remember to season them with pepper and salt as well.

Once they’re all rolled up, allow them to cool so as they do not condensate heavily after being wrapped. Once they’re closer to the room temperature (it should take about 20 to 30 minutes), you can double wrap the burritos. Firstly, wrap it in a saran wrap. Secondly, place them inside zip lock bags. When you feel that they may be in your freezer for several days, then freezer bags will be best.

If you’re ready to much your burritos, get one from the freezer a night before. But, you could also place it in the microwave straight from the freezer in the morning. Just heat it until your burritos reach your desired temperature. It’s quite easy to bring to school or work and it also has a number of wonderful health benefits. One of those is that you’re sure to have a healthy breakfast.

An additional option for a quick breakfast burrito is to utilize a breakfast casserole. Once more, take some time in preparing it beforehand. You could use two cups of healthy milk to around 15 eggs. Season these eggs as well as add the ingredients you want in your burrito. Bake it in the casserole dish for around 30 to 45 minutes at approximately 350 degrees, until the middle part is set.

You could cut out some burrito-sized portions in a week, put it in the tortilla, add some cheese as well as microwave it. It is fresh and quick even on your busiest mornings. You would feel wonderful too. Veggies and proteins, together with several carbs, would give you the boost that you require to jump-start your day. Click here to know more about healthy foods.


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